Monday, 24 October 2011

Time for a change

My OH has had to get down and dirty with our wood burner! We had noticed the door seal fraying and as it had got to the point of looking very hairy had to change it.

As you can see, I sensibly removed my rag rug before it got soot and glue on it. We went over to Peterborough today, looking for a chest of drawers for the spare room and finally got one - most unusual as it is covered in fabric. It wasn't as cheap as we hoped but did have 75% off! and is a very good make. After examining it carefully to see what was wrong with it, we couldn't find anything so bought it.

Might not be to everyones taste but we like it and it fits nicely into the colour scheme of purple and light grey.


  1. Its lovely. And the lamp compliments it perfectly.
    Debbie x

  2. LOVE the drawers. I want one! It is gorgeous and in my favourite colour. I'm very envious.


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