Thursday, 20 October 2011

Walking, talking & enjoying life!

Been out for a 4 mile walk today around part of the North Norfolk coast with OH and 2 friends. Stopped at a pub for a lovely lunch. We don't often eat out so this was a lovely treat. The sky was the most gorgeous blue with just a few clouds and the con trails of passenger aircraft. It was very cold and windy as we were in the shade for most of the walk but needed to undo our coats whilst in the sun.

Our washing machine has broken this morning - beyond repair by all accounts - so will have to break into savings and get a new one. This one had been making a dreadful noise for several weeks, the source of which we couldn't find. Loaded it with towels, it filled up, made a buzzing noise and just stopped. Managed to drain it and take the washing around to one of the above friends who very kindly put her machine on to wash it for us whilst we were out on our walk. Picked it up and got more apples off her tree as well. Ain't life grand.


  1. Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of blogs. We are all a friendly bunch and it's great to have new folk joining, more for me to read.


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