Thursday, 3 November 2011

Baking & Making

Although the rain is intermittent and I could be getting on with some gardening, I have decided to have an indoor day today. So first thing, made some tea cakes. The last time I made them I divided the mixture into 10 as shown in the recipe but they were a bit small. This time, I only did 8 and they are a better size, each one about 4" wide.

Went to the butchers, had lunch then got on with some more of the memory rag rug for my friend - thought I would show you my progress so far. The coloured squares are from tee shirts belonging to her deceased husband, the rest from their duvet covers, curtain linings etc. She is going to be decorating their bedroom after Christmas and wants a new look. You can see the locker hook tool I use to make my rugs.

  It measures approximately 1.20m x .50m and she is planning to use it beside her bed. The bits sticking out are yet to be woven in. This can be quite time consuming so I have changed how I add new material and it is leaving only half the amount of ends.

Just tumble dried my weekly batch of towels, tea towels and flannels. I'm pleased to report that using just 1 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar as a conditioner, they are soft and static free with a lovely clean fresh smell as opposed to an overpowering chemical floral smell. The frugal laundry liquid continues to clean all our clothes surprisingly well so shall continue to use it.


  1. The teacakes look lovely. Toasted teacakes are one of my very favourite things to eat. They remind me of childhood - we often had them for tea on Saturdays , having had a cooked lunch. Having seen yours I think I will make some tomorrow. The rug looks lovely , and what a good idea. I have seen quilts made with the shirts of a deceased person before but never a rug.

  2. Interesting - I've not seen rag rugs made with a canvas like that before (I've only seen them woven or self-supporting, for want of a better phrase) but I really like the look of it. What a lovely item for your friend.


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