Friday, 18 November 2011

Keeping Herman under control

A glorious day here in Norfolk. Bright blue skies, aircraft con trails high in the sky, sunshine and a grand temperature of 10 Celsius (view from lounge window - sorry about the lamp post). I actually might be able to get some more gardening done, maybe put another raised bed to sleep for winter.

Herman II is tootling along nicely. I do think though, that like the furry tribbles in Star Trek, he and his mates might turn into the friendly neighbourhood visits you get fed up with.

I will make another batch as per the original recipe then will adjust his feeding to keep him as a toddler rather than a boisterous teenager.

Having measured my last mix before giving some away, it weighed approximately 1500g. Once divided by 5, each portion was 300g. Looking back at his feeding regime on day 4 & 9, I realized by cutting down the quantities quite drastically, you would end up with only 2 portions, one to bake and the other to either give away (if you are fed up with him) or keep going to begin a fresh batch.

Either of these methods means you can keep his feeding to a minimum to not overwhelm your neighbours/friends OR you can give him big feeds again if somebody wants one again.

Anyway, if you look under my recipes label for the 7th November posting, you will find the original instructions. Here is what you need to do to make less of him:

On days 4 & 9, add only 50g S.R. Flour, 50g sugar and 50ml milk. After adding these ingredients he should weigh, by day 9, around 600g. You can now divide him into 2. Make up and bake one portion as per day 10 instructions and either keep the other one going or if fed up of him, give the other one away.

I quite like the idea of keeping one going, then you top him up to his full amount if someone wants one. I don't see why though, if you are a little fed up with his company, you can't just freeze him. He has no yeast (other than natural airborne spores) and you can freeze partially made bread with no ill effect.

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