Saturday, 26 November 2011

A quiet day today

I'm having a quiet day, mainly due to lack of sleep due to bad pains in my neck and shoulder. It might be from basket making but I'm not sure. If it is, they will subside in a few days, if not I am due another massage in a couple of weeks so will wait until then. I have mild scoliosis of the back and we manage it by paying for a monthly deep medical massage and bi-monthly chiropractic treatment (any savings we make in the household budget caters for this expense).

My right hip is tilted forward and upwards by about 1 1/2”, my right shoulder is similarly tilted. This has the effect of making my neck strain at an angle to keep my head level and is further compounded by an inward rotation of my ankles – one by 11 degrees, the other 16 degrees. I'm supposed to wear some lifts inside my shoes but oddly enough, that makes my back even worse so I don't bother.

The above treatments keep it in check and although I start out reasonably level after treatment, after a few weeks, the rotation returns. Can't get this help on the NHS, all they say is “you'll just have to walk through the pain”. Before having this treatment, I couldn't actually walk for any longer than 10 minutes without having to stop. At least now, I can go out for long walks and be pain free most of the time. Hey ho, such is life!

Anyway, I managed to take the edge of it with a heat pad and deep heat but am still uncomfortable.

Went out first thing to a small farmers market but didn't find anything we wanted. Went to their local church where a Christmas craft fair was being held and bought a few little odds & sods for people for presents but also got ourselves this delightful little trug for just £2. (They were all the same price even though they varied in size).

It is 9 1/2" long x 5 1/2" wide and 2 1/2" deep. The handle is 12" tall.

Came home, had lunch then made another batch of mincemeat. It should be ready to use in about 4 weeks. I like to make my own as I find shop bought mincemeat is not only too sweet but doesn't have a depth to its flavour. I use Delia's recipe from her Christmas cookery book and adapt it to use up whatever I have available.


  1. Hi, just to say thankyou for your comment on my blog. I am touched when anyone does!
    Anyway, I hope your pain is subsiding, I feel so sorry for anyone who has to live with constant pain. Its disgraceful you have to pay for a chiropractor it should be available on the nhs.Hope you enjoyed the christmas fair anyway X

  2. Thanks Anne. Luckily my pain is not constant, more like an ebb & flow ache which builds to a pain if I overdo things. Before treatment, my back would 'go' every few weeks, now thank goodness, that happens infrequently.

  3. Isn`t it amazing. We merrily pay into the NHS but get no help with our medical conditions when we most need it. I find the same attitude being applied to my arthritis. I had to find my own way of coping with it, then found a book and I`m now applying someone elses knowledge to treat my symptoms. Since taking supliments of glucosamine, brewers yeast and fish oils I have noticed a slight improvement already. Getting out of bed in the night for a trip to the toilet is no longer as painful. I shall continue to self treat, seeing that the NHS is useless.
    Your little trug looks delightful.
    I will not have to worry about x-mas food this year. DB and I are going to Germany to spend the festive days with my parents.
    A quiet Sunday in is spent here, too. The weather is a bit nasty and makes a good excuse for pottering about indoors; I`m trying to complete a sewing project.


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