Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sloe berry chocolate vodka taste test!

As this newly made drink is sitting in the dark under my sink, I keep forgetting about it. Today, it was discovered and tested. Previously, it just tasted of chocolate with a powerful kick of vodka at the end – now however, you can definitely taste the sloes. It still has the kick of vodka as it slides down but is becoming more rounded in its flavour. We still have one more month to go before it will be ready to drink. 

I have already decided that when it is next made, to mix both milk and plain chocolates together as I find the dark on its own, a little bitter. I could have added more sugar but then it would be too sweet. All in all, I think it is going to be good. A few people have also tried it (1 teaspoon at a time!) and the decision is 50/50. Some love it whilst others are not too keen.

The sloe vodka on the right of the photo also tastes good and hopefully, will mature to a deeper colour and smoother taste - watch this space!

I have been looking at the traffic statistics for my blog. The UK is the highest but second is Easter Europe – hi folks and thanks for looking – closely followed by the US – thanks also, especially KMB!

I love reading all your comments so please feel free – it helps me realize that besides my family and friends, others also find my blog interesting.

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  1. They both look interesting :)

    Two years ago I made sloe liquer, which turned out wery well.


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