Sunday, 4 December 2011


I'm having a busy baking day today. The bread has been made and is busy rising in the airing cupboard. I've just fried some onions, bacon and sage to add to the sausage meat for sausage rolls. Whilst it is cooling I have fried onions and bacon and mince to add to a pan with carrots and swede, tomato puree a beef stock cube and some water. Once this is cooked and cooled, I plan to make some rissoles.

It is a long whilst since I last made these. The above concoction is drained through a sieve. 

The liquid is thickened to make some lovely gravy and one or two spoonfuls added to the mince to make it slightly wet. Then I have to make some suet crust pastry and roll it out. 

The mince is then placed on it and the whole thing rolled up like a swiss roll and sealed. After slicing, the slices are laid together, flat, on the base of a baking dish. They resemble Chelsea buns at this stage.

Once baked, they will be served with vegetables and the gravy. I had some mince mixture left over, so it will be saved for another day.

The sausage rolls and bread both came out well. 

The bread this time is a combination of rye, wholemeal and white.

Had a little suet crust left over so also made a jam and coconut tart. Phew!

The rissoles weren't cooked quite long enough so were edible rather than great, but they filled us up and who can ask for more than being full.


  1. Wow you've had a busy day. All looks very yummy. Must try your rissoles sometime.

  2. Wow! All of that looks mega delicious!!

  3. I love homemade sausage rolls- they are so superior to shopbought. Your bread looks fab too!

  4. Thank you. As I had no recipe for the rissoles, I tried to do it from memory. They tasted good but needed cooking for longer. Another time, I will cover them with foil to give them a slight steam (maybe 20 minutes) then uncover and bake for another 20 - 30 minutes until brown. I cooked these on 200c for 25 minutes and they were slightly underdone in the middle. The sausage rolls were very good (had to try one) then froze the rest. The sausage meat was lovely and soft in the middle.


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