Friday, 2 December 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Thank you Scarlet Tales From Beyond the Nook  for nominating me for this – glad you like my blog. It is very hard to know who to pick as I am quite new to blogging and still finding blogs that I like to read. I wish there was a general search button for all the different genres of blogs on google blogspot so we could find them a little more quickly! Anyway, when your turns comes to receive this award, and I'm sure you will, here are a few little 'rules' to guide you:

Copy and paste the award onto your blog. I did this by right clicking the picture and saving it to my desktop. Then it was added to my page by clicking on design at the top of my blog, adding a picture gadget etc. Then you need to thank the giver and publish a link back to them. Tell people about your chosen 5 blogs and place links to them. This can be done by clicking on the Link at the top of your posting page. Finally, your nominated followers, should they choose to do so, after all this is not a chain letter award, can nominate another 5 blogs but only if they wish.
For now though, I have stuck to choosing from the few I am currently reading, who have not already been nominated, who often have less than 100 followers and in some cases less than 40.

My first would have to be Kevin over at: Liminal Words, Music and Image
When I was doing my BA dissertation on a particular kind of sound art, he was very generous with his time and taught me a lot. We have kept in touch, not just because he is a lovely person whom I greatly admire, but also for the sheer enjoyment and pleasure he takes in his life and work. If ever you need to chill out and take a bit of down time, check out his blog and listen to his amazing music - oh and yes, he has also written some books!

Next is Hilde. She is a lady who runs her web site in both Norwegian and English - she can be found at: Fra arstid til arstid
It is fascinating to read what is happening so far north, enjoying her recipes, her slant on traditions and her challenges with gardening and a lack of sunlight.

My friend Jane, who was in the year above me at college and who is herself a wonderful teacher, generous, kind and very patient. She makes some fantastic textiles, from the very small to large free-standing sculptures. Her web site can be found at: Quilters Cottage Norfolk

My next choice is: Crafty Blueberry 
Although she chooses not to blog every day, her postings are usually very informative especially where recipes/making things are concerned.

Finally another man whose blog I enjoy reading is this one by Dan:
Frugal Living UK  He is off blog at the moment as he is moving to his place in the country.


  1. Congratulations on your award. It is very well deserved, your blog is always a pleasure to visit :-)

    And thank you so much for nominating me for an award! Wow! Such a nice surprise :-) :-)

  2. Thank you Datacreata for linking me as one of your favourite blogs, its lovely that you are enjoying reading and blogging.
    best wishes for Christmas,

  3. Hi Datacreata,
    thanks so much for linking to my blog as one of your favourites. I've not blogged or even logged in since the end of November for personal reasons (I'll be explaining this on my blog) and it was such a nice surprise to log in just now and see your comment. I'm planning on getting back into posting, which I've missed, and your link and comment on your blog has encouraged me.
    Thanks again,


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