Thursday, 15 December 2011


Didn't post yesterday as I was just too tired after completing my last basket making class. As it had to be postponed for a week, there were only 3 of us. Apparently it should have been 5 but as the Arts Centre had had a power surge, all their security and fire alarms were inoperative. We could hear the phones ringing (presumably them) but no-one was allowed in to answer them.

Fortunately for us, the place we were in is basically a storage shed with no alarm so they let us continue. The staff spent a lot of the time in there with us as it was the only place that also had heat and light.

Anyway, a very good time was had but I think it was the hardest start to a basket. We made a small Sciathog (an Irish potato straining basket). This is one of the easiest baskets to make but one of the hardest to start, really requires an octopus as a helper!

Anyway, here is mine – not too bad methinks for a first attempt. It was flatter as I am such a tight weaver (you should see my knitting) but I am very pleased with it.

By 2.00pm, I could barely move my very sore fingers so the tutor Nadine, showed me how to make 2 ply cordage:

as well as a sennet (not sure of this spelling) which is a 4 ply plait in the round:


  1. I think your basket is lovely, well done!

  2. Your basket looks very nice!! Great job :)

  3. I think you have done a great job on the basket. Well done.


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