Saturday, 17 December 2011

A quiet Saturday

No post yesterday as we went to see DS., FDiL. and S. to hand over some presents for FDiL's family and pick up some breasts of game!

Despite it being wet, very misty and with either rain or sleet, we made it okay and only about 10 minutes longer than normal. Met FDiL. in town (changed her hair style and hair colour, very nice too), then walked around the Christmas Market stalls (had a Bratwurst), and generally passed time until DS. finished work at 12:30.

Got back to their house to be greeted by S. in a very, very, low submissive crawl (about 20 seconds). Then she remembered who we were and 'whooped' with joy, pinging all over the place. Can dogs whoop?

She finally settled and we had a lovely cup of tea and biscuits. As it was beginning to grow a little dark, we wrapped up warm and took her for a long walk in the woods. We could barely see by the time we had finished.

FDiL. was due to go to her weekly martial arts class, so DS. went off to a takeaway to get us all a snack before we had to come back. We weren't very hungry so had a Chinese vegetable roll, the biggest I have ever seen, it resembled a Cornish pasty in size! Anyway, it was lovely.

Gave DS's hair and beard a trim with my clippers. It was a total shock to see him with a moustache and a short but full beard. He and a friend from work grew it for the Movember challenge and have decided to keep theirs. It looks very nice but he will have to keep his beard short as it looks like it will be very, very, curly otherwise.

I'm busy making some more bread today, a wholemeal and wholegrain mustard and a wholemeal, apricot, raisin and cinnamon.

Then later, when it is dark, we are going to walk around the village delivering our cards and looking at all the decorations.


  1. I've had a quiet Saturday too - just some sorting out of things at home, breadmaking and making a fish pie for tea. It's been lovely.

  2. Sounds like a rather lovely day you had to me.


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