Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Just a little something to make you smile. The 'doctored' photograph below, was taken two years ago and is our sad meerkat expression as FDiL. wasn't with us and S. the dog, wasn't even a distant twinkle in her mothers eye! 

Tonight we are out at our 'school' Christmas meal, even though we closed in July. The Head and Secretary we see each week for a walk, the other teacher and classroom assistant join us on the holidays for our walks (and sometimes the ex-head when she is around). So, as we all get on so well, a small family unit really, we decided to carry on with annual meals as well as meeting up once a term for a meal and chin wag at someone's house. Very nice too!

Drove by the school on our way out yesterday and as the contract with county shortly expires, they were busy emptying the building of its contents to apparently 'send to Africa'. Yeah right! Furniture, boxes etc were all stood outside in the rain - what an absolute waste of resources.

Due on our walk tomorrow but the weather looks horrendous so will have to wait and see. DB has been out in the garden hoovering up the leaves – looks a lot tidier now. He needed a hot bean bag, tea and bun when he came in to warm up! Now that his blood pressure is under control, he feels the cold more than he used.

I must admit, I wasn't looking forward to this Christmas as it will be our first on our own but am now adjusted to the idea. It will be quite nice to just do as we please, eat when we want etc. Still though, very much looking forward to being a mama for the run up to the New Year when DS. and FDiL. and S. come for a few days.

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  1. Love the photo.I'm the other way - I was happily looking forward to Christmas with the 3 of us, now K, A and Bold are coming! I can't wait to see them , and love them all very much, but I'm wondering how catering for 5 in the mini-oven and keeping Bold off all the decorations is going to go! I have to admit to being anxious aboout coping with the catering this year, purely because of the mini-oven.
    Enjoy your evening out.


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