Friday, 23 December 2011

Taking it easy

It's been one of those 'slow but sure' days today. Went out first thing to return and get more library books (just in case Santa forgets).

Once home and refreshed by a nice cup of tea + biscuit, I started to make the bread whilst hubby ironed two bags of clothes (he is our main ironer). Once the bread was proving, I de-stoned some plums to semi-dry them out in the oven for a couple of hours. This increases their sweetness and overall taste. They didn't dry out as much as I had thought they would, so gave them another hour.

Then the bread went in. Whilst that was cooking, I wrapped the gammon ready to roast, slice and freeze into portions for when needed. The gammon and 2 medium pork joints, plus sausage meat, has to last until next pay day (24th January) so we shop carefully for our Christmas meat and don't buy extra 'just because its Christmas'.

Once the bread was cooked, the gammon went in. Once that is finished and is resting, I plan to roast a whole tin of 'going soft vegetables' such as carrots, swede, courgettes, onion, garlic and squash. Both they and some ham will be served for tea and the rest of the vegetables will make soup for tomorrow.

Hubby meanwhile has made the custard base for some home made vanilla ice cream. Once it has cooled, he will add the cream and churn.

Finally, the Christmas cake has come in from the outside freezer and will be fed again before it is needed. Just for a change, I was going to marzipan and ice it but forgot, so it will be just the cake on its own which to be frank, we both prefer.

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  1. This is the kind of day I like. Plenty of cooking and it all sounds lovely.


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