Saturday, 24 December 2011

Hello from my Wii family

Well, the 'big' day is nearly here and I would like to wish all my family, friends and blog followers: A Very Merry Christmas

This is all five of our Wii characters in no particular order - guess you know which one though is Sage...

Just started making the trifle, the pork is thawing, have cut hubby's hair, started the soup for lunch and finished the last chocolate from my advent calender.

Even though it is just the two of us this year and I have tried hard not to go mad, there still seems to be lots to do – which lets face it – is ridiculous.

Anyway, enjoy whatever it is you do, don't panic, it is just a meal after all. No doubt, most might well feel like this at the end of a hectic week!


  1. Have a lovely Christmas Datacreata.

    Karen x

  2. hope you had a fab day , santa brought us a Wii and I think I love it more than the kids!


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