Monday, 9 January 2012

Donating Blood

We gave blood today. Didn't take too long, about an hour from arriving (and drinking) to donating (and drinking/eating). They've put a new thing on their check list which meant I had to have a nurse verify I was okay to donate. Unfortunately, it is on a part of the form that does not say “since your last donation” so I have to be checked every time until it says that. There you go, best to be on the safe side I guess.

Then had to go food shopping as we didn't get time to do it beforehand. Had chips for tea as neither of us felt like cooking.

For future reference, I have just had someone leave a comment on my site which I haven't published as it leads to an advertisement. Tut tut, such things are not allowed on this blog!


  1. Well done to you both , unfortunately health problems mean I can no longer donate. However, I did manage a silver badge though, It's sad more people don't bother.

  2. Thanks Squirrel Family. We have both donated around 35 times each. I had a very long break after having my son. I hope to reach 50 donations before I have to stop but you never know what might happen to stop you before then. Hubby may not make 50 as he will have to stop in 2 years time.


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