Sunday, 22 January 2012

What would you go without to have a new pair of knickers?

Finally, after much research, I have been able to add clothes rationing to the Rations (WD) tab above. Irregardless of how much or little money you had, no coupons meant no purchase.

In this throw away world which most, but not all, people seem to inhabit today, it is quite an eye opener. I wonder just how many clothes shopaholics would be able to cope with such restrictions. If you are trying to buy less than 12 items of clothing this year, this is even more restrictive.

Say for example you need some new knickers, we often buy them now in packs of 4-6. Buying a pack of 4 would use 16 coupons. Certainly towards the end of the war, when you only had 24 coupons at your disposal, would knickers still be at the top of your list?


  1. That's probably why my Mum remembers underwear being patched! None of this buying stuff and never wearing it. I bought KL a BHS man's cardi at the charity shop last week , still with labels for £2.50, and this morning at the carboot I bought J an M&S cashmere blend jumper for £1 - that also looks unworn.To go to the carboot I wore a fleece that I bought for J nearly 20 years ago - it doesn't do to dress well to go to the carboot - people think you've got money and try to charge you more!

  2. I think I'd try and make undies from old clothes; I seem to remember seeing wartime patterns for undies made out of parachute silk, wedding dresses (pre-war, presumably only if stained or damaged beyond use or ofrom old slips etc. Nowadays, it would be from old t-shirts, if I was doing it;

    1. I'm with Attila - I'd try making it because while I'm not that confident in my general tailoring skills, not so many people will see bodged underwear stitching :) I've got a stash of cute old 100% cotton t-shirts/vest tops that I'm going to turn into knickers when I have a spare afternoon...

    2. Ha, I'd love to see them. The worst thing I remember about my knickers as a child, was the elastic snapping with no warning. No matter how quickly you tried to catch them they were always around your ankles before you knew it!


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