Thursday, 2 February 2012

Food shop

Welcome to my new follower Lisa. It eventually turned into a lovely sunny but very cold day – around 1 Celsius. My once a week tumble dry wash of towels, tea towels and flannels is ready to fire up overnight. As snow is forecast for us – probably – we decided to do our weekly top up with fresh food today rather than the weekend. Mind you, we are out at our  village quiz tomorrow, hope the weather holds off until after that.

We decided to give Aldi a go. It came to a total of £13.51. I tried to compare their prices versus Tesco but my internet connection kept giving out so gave up. I still reckon it was around £3 cheaper overall. Then we nipped across the road to our friend who is a butcher - and bought 1 lb ox liver (2 meals, one of liver and bacon and the other liver and mushroom stroganoff), 2 faggots and 1 chicken leg for £4.49 so that leaves us the grand total of £15.62 to see us through to 24th February – going to be a little tight methinks.

We have got almost everything we need now for evening meals and lunchtime soups. Will probably need to get another kilo of oats for breakfasts. For some reason, normal porridge makes me feel sick so we spend a little more on whole rolled oats, which don't have the same reaction – how strange! Bread making ingredients should last us, but we still have 2 more fresh item top ups to do! Ah well, time will tell.

I'm not going to cry if we don't make it this first month – or any month come to that. For us, it is an interesting thing to do, especially if it helps on our relatively low to begin with, food spend side of things. We did find out though when on war rations, that the swings and roundabouts generally averaged out to our budget.

Tonights tea is left over pork curry and chips. We had cheese on toasted bread muffins for lunch as we got back too late to make soup.


  1. I have 25p left to see me through until 23rd February. Somehow I don't think I'm going to make it on £100, though I am still hopeful. I topped up with milk today, buying 8 litres( and my Mum gave me another 2), 3kg of carrots and a large tub of margerine for baking, so I really shouldn't need anything else. Fingers crossed!

    1. I think towards the end of this our first month, we will both be eating some and weird and wonderful meals - as long as they are filling, who cares.

  2. £3 is a bloomin' good saving on such a small shop - hurrah for Aldi. (Which reminds me, we could do with going there this weekend.)

    It makes complete sense that your food spend would be more in these lean growing months -- I bet the swings and roundabouts do equally it out in the end. Am looking forward to hearing about how it progresses for you :)

  3. Good to see another frugal soul trying so hard .. well done x


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