Monday, 6 February 2012

Knitting a little something

I have to be the world's slowest and tightest knitter so I never make anything to wear. In-between cutting and joining strips of blanket for the rag rug, I am knitting a little something to give me a break. Not going to tell you what it is at the moment other than to say; it is practical, relatively cheap (home made price wise) and quite the most mundane thing you could ever want to knit. I can only knit for short bursts as I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists (from all my years typing I suppose) and after about 20 minutes my right hand gets pins and needles (even though I am left handed, my right is the worst affected).

We still have at least 4” of snow on the ground. The roads where we live are iced slush but the main routes have been cleared. Had to take a trip to our nearest post office to post something hubby had sold on Ebay. Quite a scraping noise coming off the bottom of the car as it came out the garage and attempted to work its way up the drive.

Rather than getting 4 portions from my stew and crumble last night, we managed to get 6. From the meat point of view, each portion has cost us 55p. That would probably come up to around 70p per portion including the vegetables. Can't work out the crumble topping as everything for it came from my cupboards and the apples from a garden. Will give us a rest from it tonight and do jacket potato and coleslaw. Making spicy sweetcorn soup for lunch with some home made soda bread.


  1. I see you got snow too, love the snowy photo in the last post.
    It is still snowing here, actually it is more or less a full snow storm outside. My husband will have a big job in the evning to clear the snow from the driveway.

    Good luck with your knitting project! Can't wait to see what you are working on :)

  2. Trying to guess what you're knitting. I haven't knitted for years because like you I knit too tightly and nothing ever turned out as it should have done. We've still got a lot of snow around although there is a thaw now and snow is slithering off the roof and the trees.


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