Friday, 10 February 2012

More snow!

Welcome to my new followers Eeek and Becky Bee. Hope I've got those right!

It's a cool, going to be sunny day today. We had another 1 1/2” to 2” snow last evening/night. As you can see from these two pictures taken from my lounge window, the top one from yesterday, still had 2” - 3” snow still on the garden, now we have more. The road/roof tops don't seem to have too much snow on them but it shows in the garden.

Here is another lovely picture of our grand-dog S. enjoying the snow - courtesy of DS. and FDiL.

Anyone watching Super Scrimpers? I do learn something most weeks but have to agree with Dan that it could do a better job somehow. Also agree with Frugal Queen reference looking at other people's baskets at the check out. I usually wonder two things:

Firstly, why are they still alive? Surely their arteries must be clogged up.

Secondly, what do they eat? There is often little in their baskets to make a home cooked meal from.

Mind you, they could just as easily, be thinking the second thing about us. Our main meal ingredients arrive in our monthly shop and we top up with fresh things once a week.


  1. I agree as I stock up when things go on sale some weeks it must look as though all we'll be eating is cans of soup, while other weeks, it's all toilet paper and nothing else....LOL

    Gill formerly from Cumbria, now in Canada

    P.S. Also a follower, and pop by my blog as I am having a giveaway.

  2. I'm sure people would think that about us when we do our big supermarket shop about once every six weeks/eight weeks. We get our meat delivered from a local farm once a month, we have our own eggs (and veg in the summer) and we pick up fresh things as they're needed. Our big supermarket trips probably have less "real food" in the trolley than most people but we eat "real food" just about every day!

  3. I buy from the butchers, bakers and green grocers so my supermarket shop is often just toilet rolls, washing powder etc so people probably think I am a clean freak with a bowel problem!!!!!


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