Saturday, 18 February 2012

A short but sweet post

Not a lot is happening today. We were supposed to be going around to B's house to help her prune her apple tree. However, as the weatherman forecast rain at 9.00am we postponed it until tomorrow. It has just started raining at 1.00pm – Ah well, such is life.

I started a new page yesterday entitled “In my garden”. As a tribute to the work Sarah Raven is trying to do to get us all to help save our insect population, I wanted to find out just how many insect friendly plants I had and what new ones were needed; so I decided to carry out an inventory.

It will be quite picture-less for a while, as I hope to photograph each plant when it flowers. There are many more to add as they arrive but as you can imagine, some are still underground.

I have now started adding the 'fleece rags' to my next rug. Herewith the result so far. Methinks it will be lovely and soft.

Well, that's all for this short post. Liver and onions, mash and vegetables for tea. Stew for tomorrow. Yum yum!


  1. That colour of your rug looks very vibriant.
    I shall have Liver and Bacon in onion gravy with mash on Tuesday. A very filling, frugal and cheap meal. Tomorrow is Chicken curry and tonight we`ll have my home made Cottage pies. Yum, yum, indeed!

  2. Hi, I have had a little walk around my garden today and have noticed lots of ladybirds about, I wonder if that s unusual at this time of year? They seem to really like a purple Ajuga ground cover plant. Still havent managed to catch the sarah raven programmed on tv yet, will have to try and get on the iplayer or similar.X

  3. The rug is coming along nicely. I would love to see a photo when it is finished :)
    Hope you are having a nice weekend.
    It is raining here as well, and I guess all the snow will be gone by tomorrow.

  4. We had liver and onions the other day - it was to DIE for ! I am so interested in your rag rugs...................

  5. that is one of my favourite meals liver and onions.......guess I'm too late to come for tea?

    Gill in Canada, who is now a follower of your lovely blog.


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