Monday, 20 February 2012

News, rugs and mushrooms!

Oh, I forgot to mention on my previous post that our village Post Office has re-opened as a full service. Apparently, the P.O. wanted to keep one here and the shop were just as determined to not run one if it meant them losing out financially. Looks like the matter has now been settled and it will be run by the shop owners themselves, under the tenure of the shop rather than a separate entity. So luckily for us all, only a temporary loss of service for 2 months. Jolly good. Now we can go back to walking around the corner rather than having to drive to the nearest one. Also, the pensioners are very pleased as they were having great difficulty finding someone to transport them.

Hubby was pleased, as he had 5 Ebay parcels to post this morning!

Went for my monthly massage this morning. Boy, was she manoeuvring some mighty fine lumps through the top of my shoulders and base of my spine! OH has had his chiropractic session moved to tomorrow (with a locum), as the chap who does him has been rushed to hospital with septicaemia and is in a serious condition. Get well soon A.

Getting on now with my rag rug:

Will have to get another colour to blend in as its a little too blue at the moment. Could do with toning down with some green-blue colour. Mind you, I'm not planning on using much more of the deep turquoise as that is the colour that is a little too powerful for the more mute tones in the bedroom.

We are looking forward to Pancake Day tomorrow. Love pancakes, but we usually only have them on the day plus maybe 2 or 3 more times so they are still a treat.

Got some mushrooms to use up so will either have mushroom curry or mushroom goulash for tea.


  1. Definitely good timing where the post office is concerned. Mine was quiet this morning, but I parked up, took 1 lot in and then went back to the car for the second lot , just in case!
    The rug looks really good - the fleece will be so soft and warm underfoot. I can't stand the smell of pancakes cooking, so I don't think we'll be having them. When I worked as a Teaching Assistant they wanted me to cook them with the children - I had to swap with another TA as the smell makes me really nauseous!

  2. Good to hear about the post office reopening.Every village and town needs one and I cant believe so many have shut.In the next village to ours the villagers campaigned and with the help of our local MP the post office was reopened.
    Love the rag rug, I have been thinking about having a go sometime.X


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