Monday, 27 February 2012

Problems setting up my new blog

Finally, after much pulling of hair and exhaling clouds of blue air, I have finally sorted out my new blog.

I originally had it as a secondary one to this but couldn't change the profile (about me) section without it also changing on here.

So I set up a completely new blog only to find it wouldn't accept video or audio. On top of that, I was informed that the blog I had set up (plus the email) was only one letter different to a well known band (not to me!) and I felt it should be changed (didn't fancy getting all their email by mistake).

I knew I could embed videos etc from YouTube but not my own work as I wasn't on YouTube. Yes, you guessed it, I had to join and have now got my own (if currently empty) channel.

When I finally get around to adding video, you should hopefully be able to view it on my blog which is here: A Liminal World

I'm not sure yet about its look, will have to wait and see on that front. This new blog is not only about sound. I also hope to show how I interact with my surroundings in other ways as well. Hope you like what you see (when it gets more things on it).

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