Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow and comfort food

Well, the snow duly arrived as predicted (it often misses us). We have measured a non drifting section and reckon it is around 6” deep on average. It has blown up against the bedroom patio doors so we can't get out that way.

Where it has drifted in the garden, it looks to be up to 12” deep. I don't know how high a kerb stone is but the snow has covered the road in our cul de sac and you can't see where the kerbs are, apart from a small section where a road recovery vehicle normally sits.

Knowing it was coming, we made sure we had enough paper, kindling and logs in the house for 2 – 3 days, plus milk and food from the outside freezer.

Going to make stew and dumplings for tea plus either apple pie or apple crumble.

When I made some crab apple jelly last year, the apples didn't mush up as much as I expected. As they were quite large, we cored and quartered them, and after they sat in the muslin bag overnight to extract their juice, they were still reasonably intact and a gorgeous pink!

We divided them into two and this will be our last bag. We find if we add a freshly grated apple to them, plus some spices and sultana's, it tastes pleasant enough to use. Here is a photograph of the lovely pink apple mush - the bits of grated white are the fresh apple. 

I've decided I'm going to make apple crumble and add sunflowers and pumpkin seeds plus the last dregs of dessicated coconut into the topping.

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  1. The snow usually misses us , and it has again, which is a relief. I did make sure Mum had everything she needed just in case of snow as last year she didn't go out for weeks due to the pavements being so bad. It was very foggy here this morning, but had cleared up by lunchtime and we had sunshine.We're having pork casserole and dumplings for tea.


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