Thursday, 2 February 2012

Stretching your budget

As part of our shopping today, we wandered around the frozen food chain Farmfoods, as it is years since we went in one.

If you don't mind too much, where your meat comes from and how it has lived, there are some good bargains. They had packets of frozen pork, about 1cm thick, 10 for £4.95. Not much of a bargain you might think, but their offer was 3 of these bags for £10, now that is good. I didn't buy any, although we were tempted. If I had, I would have wrapped them up in packets of three, to use up in curries, pies etc. That would have given us 10 meals for £1, or 50p each on the meat side of things – that is good. There were similar packs of beef and lamb but these were 2 packets for £10. You could also get 3 x 1.7kg chickens for £10.

For those who like to know how things have been grown/lived, other things available were 24 frozen yorkshire puddings for £1, 3 packets of frozen vegetables for £2 and 2 packets of puff pastry for £1 plus lots of other things.

On the Aldi side of things, about 3/4 of our shopping today was British, the rest from abroad. I was quite pleased with that as we like to support our country when we can and will buy locals produce if possible.

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  1. I try to buy British as much as I can. I don't buy frozen meat, but the frozen fish at Farmfoods is good value. I got 2 bags of smoked haddock there yesterday for £5 - that will make lots of pies mixed with some pollock from Sainsbury's Basics range (£2). I think fish pies will be on the menu again next month!


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