Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sunshine and gardening

As at 1.00pm GMT, the temperature is 17 Celsius! The sky is a glorious blue with wispy white clouds. The breeze, for a change, has a warm edge to it. As we have a south facing patio, it is almost too warm to sit there (for us) and certainly too bright. Just made a pot of tea so will sit in some slight shade underneath our Acer Negundo tree.

I have managed to get all my pruning done in the front, back and sides. So that is me done for today, don't want to overdo it.

Got most of the washing done, will finish tomorrow. Shouldn't have any trouble getting it dry. Hubby has been busy painting my reminder canes. The white ones are painted and drying, but the yellow ones may need another coat. Can't wait to try them.

Finishing off some mashed potato with beans and fish fingers for tea.


  1. It is glorious here too. Aren't we lucky considering it is Feb?

  2. It was beautiful here too - all that warmth and walking round town made my legs swell up a bit!

  3. Sadly I was in work all day just looking out of the window at the glorious sunshine and wishing I was gardening too! It will probably rain tomorrow on my day off.X

  4. You are lucky, unfortunately I too was at work and just escaped from my office whenever I could with 'little' jobs that absolutely had to be done on the other side of the camp! xx


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