Saturday, 25 February 2012

Yeast, shopping and sticks!

I've decided to try and cut down the amount of yeast I use in my bread. Normally, the recipe calls for 1 whole sachet per 1lb 2oz of flour. Today, I had a go at doubling the amount of flour but using only 1 sachet in the mixture. It took slightly longer to rise but appears and tastes the same.

That's good, means my yeast will last longer and save a few more pennies into the bargain. They are not quite as high as my last bake but I did take off quite a chunk pre-baking to make us lunch.

'Our' pay day and therefore our shopping month, runs from the 24th to the 23rd of the next month. We did our monthly semi-bulk shop yesterday and decided to begin in Farmfoods, then go to Aldi to finish off. See the food challenge tab above for running totals. Next Tuesday, we'll do the rest in Tesco then see how we get on.

Here are the photographs of my reminder sticks. The white (gloss paint) ones are finished and in the garden. The yellow ones (only had spray paint) are going to need one or two more coats before we put them out. 

Here is one of the snowdrop ones in situ.

As long as I am careful where I place my hands/knees when weeding etc, I think they will work very well.


  1. I think those sticks are a brilliant idea.

  2. I have just done the same with the yeast and have also cut down the sugar a bit - the result is actually better I think and it make the yeast go twice as far.
    Great idea about the sticks, they look very neat .

  3. Such a good idea with the sticks and might have to do the same.

  4. I have used half the yeast required for a few years now and I always have greatesults. If you think the bread is not rising as much a before, leave it even longer. It will eventually rise to the same hight with no imparement to taste.


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