Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Almost finished ...

Welcome to my new followers Dragonfly and Jan Chapman, glad to have you both on board.

Another glorious day, around 21 Celsius, a little more cloud in the sky compared to yesterday. Been busy in the garden again. We have decided to slightly widen the back brick path which runs parallel to the back fence. Now the fruit cage is up, it is just too narrow to walk and carry something. Went to a local merchants to get some nice but cheap edging as we already had spare bricks. Reckon we might be finished by the weekend.

All painting is now done. I'm busy emptying large containers, sieving the compost (along with what we get out from the path and pond area). They can then be used this summer to grow something in. I like courgettes but one on its own would fill a raised bed so one of these containers will come in handy. The patio area is nearly clear of all the stored items so is looking better and once this final sifting and building is finished, the whole area will be sorted and hopefully looking tidy.

We have a very long, electric operated fabric blind which runs along the back of the bungalow. Being south facing, if we don't keep the heat off the bedrooms, it is impossible to sleep in them. They also give us some shade at our table although our legs are still in the sun!


  1. We're going to put some courgettes in pots at home this year. It will be nice to be able to decide to have them and just pick them from the garden rather than having to go down to the allotment to get them. I bought a blackcurrant bush and some strawberry plants for home today. Inspired by your fruit cage we're going to clear out a raised bed that is next to the greenhouse and plant those and some raspberry canes and whitecurrant bushes in it. J's going to fix in some uprights and then we're going to net it all. If my fruit gets stolen from the allotment again at least I'll have some at home. Thanks for your comment over at mine. My eye is getting better and better - almost all of the bloodshot patch has cleared up and the scratchy feeling has gone- I'm very relieved but very wary when I go into the garden!

  2. You have been working hard! I'v just been pottering having had a 'bug/virus' generously donated by DH!
    Carol xx


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