Thursday, 1 March 2012

Building, gardening, bees and ladybirds

Well, the final part of our package arrived today – 2 days late. Not too much of a problem really as we need quite a bit of time to put it together.

It turned out to be the carrier's fault. Their computer system is playing up as they have just moved premises so they couldn't locate this part.

I was aching more than usual yesterday after our walk. Slept well if slightly uncomfortable. Awoke this morning to get out of bed, and the muscles inside my left hip seemed to have been badly strained. Didn't do anything different yesterday so can't understand it.

Anyway, rising and sitting and turning are uncomfortable and I seem to be walking a little sideways. No doubt, that will throw my back out so will look forward to seeing my Chiro on the 12th.

Been busy in the garden all afternoon. We have started putting together our package. Got about 1/3rd of it done so far. I couldn't help too much as I could neither bend down nor climb up very well.

I sowed some radish, lettuce and a small square of broad beans in one small corner of a raised bed. It has a flat perspex lid so is warmer in there than outside. When they come through, I can ventilate it a little to stop it getting too hot. Have never sown this early so don't know if they will germinate/survive.

This particular bed will eventually house the bean wigwam we bought the other week. We measured how much room it needs and are going to sow seeds, every 3-4 weeks in the four corners away from this area. Hopefully, might also be able to sow in the middle of them, something or the other.

A few bees are buzzing around and many ladybirds are on the go, some seem to be mating so that's all to the good.

Managed to get the washing almost dry. We had thick fog here today and it didn't lift until 11am or so. Since then, it has been glorious – more the sort of weather we expected on Tuesday.


  1. Pleased to hear the missing pieces have arrived. I spent the afternoon in the garden and there were bees buzzing about here too- it was absolutely glorious to be working with the sun on my back.

  2. Sounds like you have been a very busy bee.I wish I had been able to get out into my garden but I didnt finish work until 5.30 tonight.We have next week off so I am praying for dry weather so I can get out there!

  3. So lovely to be able to work in the garden again! Hopefully your vegetables will do well.
    I will have to wait a little longer to get started in the garden, but it won't be long now.

    have a great weekend :)


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