Friday, 23 March 2012

Gardening ....

Welcome to my new follower BeautifulDees from Utah.

It has been a glorious day again, temperature around 19 Celsius. Two full lines of washing have been dried and are ready for ironing.

If this was the end of April, we would probably be able to believe that summer was approaching. However, being the end of March, we know that winter will no doubt still throw some snow, hail or rain in our direction.

We are both busy in the garden fixing, transplanting and sowing. Hubby has removed and replaced the cement between the weather board and tiles at the back of the garage. He hopes by the end of the weekend to have that particular piece of wood primed and glossed.

I have begun to paint the inside and tops of our raised wooden beds. The outsides should be okay until next year. 

Some of our compost has been distributed, still more to do, but some will be saved towards potting things on ready for summer.

When the school closed last year, I managed to rescue the smaller one of three ancient and unused gym pieces (you had to leap frog over it, not sure whether it is classed as a horse or not). Anyway, the soft top was removed and hubby built me this raised herb garden.

As you can see, they have made it through winter and are beginning to grow well. I think I might still need to cover it with fleece if a very hard frost is forecast otherwise one or two might still succumb. 

Our dining room has a patio door leading to the side of the bungalow. Next door's fence is less than 5 feet away. We have tried over the years to make it look pretty - here is our latest attempt. 3 winter heathers have been planted either side of the flowering quince (which also bears fruit for jam etc.) The quince is just beginning to flower. It has double apricot flowers (I'll post a picture when it is in full bloom). That takes care of Winter, Spring and Summer. To the left of the left hand side heathers is a lovely hydrangea. Newly planted in front of the quince is a smaller and different variety. To the right of the right hand heathers, is another heather and a new plant which looks half dead (hence no photo!). 

 Heathers to the left of the quince.
These are to the right of it.


  1. You have been busy! I think you've made a lovely job of your problem area. I like using gravel - it brightens things up and shows the plants off.

  2. Your raised herb garden is fabulous! Great way of recycling an unwanted item. Your hubby did a great job with it!!!

  3. Thank you Scarlet, Sarina and frugal freesia. I knew what I wanted to do with it, hubby built it not sure it would be okay but his outside chair sits next to it and he like to look at all the wildlife on it.


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