Saturday, 31 March 2012

Just about finished in the back...

The last few path repairs have taken place today and at last, the back garden is beginning to resemble normality. We inherited these two chimney pots from my parents in law. Each one now houses a hosta and is situated either side of a double seat and table thing.

Should look good in summer and hopefully, it will be harder for the slugs to find them but if they do, I ought to be able to find them more quickly. They used to sit on the patio but no matter what we put in them, the plants died in the heat of a south facing situation. Another hosta in a pot is already 6” tall. 

Even though it is hardy, I have put a fleece jacket on it to give a little protection against the frost they are forecasting for next week.

The pond area has now got its wood chip down and looks better for it. We tend to get quite a lot of mare's tail growing in the back and hopefully, it will stand out more quickly against the dark background. 

Same applies to the wood chip in the fruit cage where the gooseberries have got their leaves and the flowers are just beginning to show. There also looks to be quite a few flowers on the blueberries, fingers crossed they survive their more alkaline position.

The final job in the back was to put some gravel on top of the herb bed, looks much better now.



  1. It all looks great. We've been busy in the back garden today. We've planted the new trees, and J has started to take up the grass and lay a flagged area using some existing hexagonal slabs.We thought we weren't going to have enough, but then remembered there are 9 laid as stepping stones in the front garden and we are going to redo that anyway so money spending crisis averted!

  2. Its looking good and I especially like the chimney pot idea for the hostas.Just a word of warning though, keep an eye on the pots because we had two stolen from the front of our house a few years ago.They were so heavy I dont even know how the thieves managed it but they did.I was very upset!

  3. It all looks very neat and tidy, well done. I love the chimney pots, I bet the hostas will look great xxx

  4. I love chimney pots. I have one but not so ornate as yours. You have worked really hard in your garden and it looks good.

  5. Scarlet, can't beat re-cycling can you. I'm sure it will look great especially as your lawn was very shaded and had lots of moss in it.

    Anne, Your are right, they are heavy but these are in our back garden surrounded by tall hedges and fences so hopefully they will be okay.

    Fran & Patricia, thanks. Hopefully we will reap the benefits of all our hard work later in the year when we can sit out and enjoy it.


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