Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nearly there!

Phew! Been working on finishing the fruit cage most of the day. Putting the side nets on took an age, not so much getting it up, but tightening and straightening it. Then we had to ground peg it before trimming any sharp net bits on the top. The door took more than one attempt to get finished but finally, just before a late lunch, it was done.

We realised that the removable tie wraps they gave us would not be enough (for us) to get it how we wanted it so a quick trip to B & Q was needed.

Finally, quite late in the afternoon we began the roof net. Wow! It was like dealing with a teenage octopus having a tantrum. Get it correct one side and it slid off the other. We won eventually and have got it to a safe stage for overnight. Tomorrow will hopefully see it completed.

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