Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Passing time ...

The windy and wet weather has temporarily abated. I have washing on the line but not expecting it to do much other than drip dry enough to finish off in front of the wood burner tonight.

We had creamed mushrooms on toast for lunch and will be having home made Cornish pasties and vegetables for tea.

I am itching to be out in the garden but it's just too wet. Nipped out to check vegetables sown a week ago under cover and the radishes are peeking through. Whilst erecting our fruit cage poles, I needed to chop away around 1/3rd of our blackcurrant bush. Wondering if 3 cuttings from it would root, I popped them into the same bed under cover and will have to wait and see. We went and bought 4 bags of wood chips for said area that were on special offer - 4 for £10. Once they go down, we know it will all be finished. Can't wait!

Over on my new work blog (A Liminal World), I'm showing a 'rag rug' life-jacket I made for an exhibition. I still have it, even if it is wrapped up in the attic. Here is a picture of one side of it to whet your appetite!

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