Friday, 30 March 2012


So, so tired. It feels like we are working ourselves to a standstill – getting slower and slower but we are nearly there. Yep, its the back garden again. We have finally extended the back path by another 2 bricks and lined the edge with a mixture of edging slabs. Phew.

Herewith a couple of photographs of work in progress:

Tomorrow (as my back is pinging so I daren't risk it today), I will put down some wood chip around the dustbin pond area to finish it off. Here is part of it before said woodchip. 

Then we just need to wash the paving area sometime over the weekend to finish off.

Here are some pictures of some of the creatures hubby has made for the garden. The first is Steven (as in Steven Segal!) He lives anywhere in the garden he feels like - a bit like Stevan Segal really, wouldn't want to argue with him.


Then inside the fruit cage is a Toucan and a Parrot. The parrot was made for his mum but we inherited it after she died.

He has just started work on a Cockatoo. At sometime, although they are currently in the garage waiting restoration, is Snoopy on top of his house, Felix the cat and a dancing Indian.

I think once all the above jobs are complete, that might be it but who can say. As all gardeners know, it is a never ending experience. Vegetable, flower and wild-flower seedlings are all coming through. I am module sowing every 2 weeks to stagger the season.


  1. I love the birds, how very clever of hubby! Perhaps he could make them to sell ? Xxx

  2. No. He does them when he feels like it and for fun. One a year is about the time he takes (obviously takes less than this to make one).

  3. The birds are all lovely and so colourful. You're right, just when you think you've finished - along comes another job!

  4. Love the birds.

    Is the pond made from an upturned bin lid??

    1. No. It is an entire black bin buried up to its neck - took some digging out but it needs to be deep so as not to freeze. It then has a pile of bricks inside so anything aquatic can climb out safely as well as birds when they fall in have a rather too energetic bath! Last year was the first time it froze. This year is the first time frog spawn has appeared without me having to transfer it from the front pond.


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