Monday, 12 March 2012

Possibly the smallest greenhouse in the world ...

Or it could be the smallest propagator, cloche etc. The outside is a carton from some grapes and the inside, the carton from some small tomatoes. Didn't want to throw them away but didn't know what to do with them either. Then the light bulb went on!

Sow 2 different tomatoes in the small container, then line the base of the large one with cling film to stop any water leaking out. Place the small one inside the large one and a nice, cozy insulted home was born.

This will go in the airing cupboard and be checked every day. Once the seedlings are big enough to transplant, they'll be moved on. I've also sown some chilli and sweet peppers, plus leeks (never grown them from scratch before) and some annual wild-flowers.

I've just come back from my chiropractor appointment – she said I was a right mess; completely twisted in my knees, pelvis, back, shoulders and neck. Guess not having a plaster to hand on our walk nearly 2 weeks ago was not good.

Anyway, I now feel a little stiff, which will build as the day progresses. Hopefully tomorrow I should feel a lot better. Still can't get a complete stride in with my left leg, but its around 80%. I'm hoping that will be good enough to not throw my bones out of alignment again. We are going to give the walk a miss this week as well. Only 3 of us can make it we think, so M. and I are going to take B. to a garden centre she hasn't yet visited.

So then, where is our lovely weather predicted for today. It was yet again thick fog this morning which didn't clear until 11.30 ish. Since then it has been overcast, chilly with no sign of the sun at all!

I am going to make bacon, onion and pea risotto for tea. Then we'll finish off with a little more of the gooseberry crumble. I managed to get 8 portions from the stew yesterday - using around 1 lb meat plus 1/2 a swede, 5 carrots, 1 onion, 3 large potatoes and about 6 scrawny leeks.


  1. Great use of the packaging! J grows leeks from seed - they seem to be fairly easy to grow and quite troublefree once planted out.We haven't had the lovely weather that other people had over the weekend. Lots of blogs had photos of blue sky and sunshine yesterday - we had grey sky and I still needed an anorak on to work in the garden!

  2. I`ve used supermarket containers like yours for many years. The meat trays make good seed trays. I also use the inside tubing of toilet rolls to bring on some sweet peas. They can then be put straight into the ground, as the tubes will eventually rot away. I`ve also made little plant pots out of newspaper(wrapping the paper round a
    small pot, then extracting the pot) and have successfully sown some runner beans in the past in my paper pots. Once again these could be planted with the paper as it would rot away. There are so many ideas for recycling what we have at hand round the home.

  3. Hi, I'm glad you use the fruit and veg containers, I do too. I also cut up yogurt pots and make labels to stick in the newly sown seed pots.


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