Thursday, 3 May 2012

Baking and keeping warm!

Another miserable day, so I'm in the kitchen baking. A few days ago I made some experimental yoghurt. I wondered why the recipe called for 1.4 litres of milk. I used 1.5 litres this time and kept everything else the same. It still worked but seemed to be not as thick. I decided to drain it all overnight and there was a lot of whey (3/4 pint in fact). Something was different.It could have been the extra 100mls of milk, or the original starter yoghurt was running out of 'steam'. I just don't know. Either way, I had a lot of whey and wondered what to do with it all.

The last two occasions I have made scones I have used a Bero recipe but decided to go back to the one I normally use. I have used it for years and can't remember where I got it from.

Fruit/Cheese Scones

Put oven onto 220 Celsius.

Soak 1 1/2 oz dried fruit in a little hot water to plump them up. This time I also added a little Grand Marnier to them as well and a little orange zest.

Measure and sift together, 8 oz Plain Flour with 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda and 1 level tsp Cream of Tartar, into a bowl.

Rub in 1 1/2 oz margarine or butter. Add 1 oz sugar. Then the drained fruit.

Mix all together to a soft BUT NOT sticky dough with 1/4 pint or so of yoghurt whey (or milk including any liquid from the drained fruit).
Pat/roll out to a depth of not less than 1/2” or so and use a 2” cutter to cut out scones.

Place on a baking tray and bake for 12 – 14 minutes. The recipe suggests not glazing the scones before baking but you can do this if you wish with milk or some of the whey.

FOR CHEESE SCONES, leave out the sugar and fruit – doh, and add 
2 1/2 oz grated mature cheese. I also added lots of black pepper. You can add a little dried mustard to the dry mix or some fine chopped herbs. Other than this substitution, follow the above recipe.


  1. A good frugal use of left overs. Very clever!

  2. whey is great in bread too and you can add to soup too !

    1. I have used it in bread but my bread didn't rise as well as normal, perhaps I did something else wrong.

  3. Brilliant and those scones look divine xx


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