Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Borax and someone new for the garden

Well, back to the rain again then! Just been to buy 2 fruit trees, a Spartan apple (which B. has in her garden and is fantastic) and a Greengage for OH who adores their fruit. Mind you, it might well be another couple of years before he gets any!

Finally managed to track down some Borax substitute to use in my Frugal Liquid. Apparently, exchanging half of it with the Soda crystals or using it instead of said crystals, makes your whites a little brighter (don't know what that does to your coloured clothes though).

Anyhow, thought I might make up a small batch using just soap and the Borax and store it separately just for whites.

OH has finished 'Injun Joe' (the pattern makers words not ours). Underneath his drum is a small hole and he sits on a right angled piece of wire so he can move in the wind (not that he does as he is too close to the fence post. He has rather a haughty expression don't you think? Here he is in situ:

Just outside the dining room doors, the flowering Quince is going very well.


  1. Hi, I have been looking for borax for a couple of years now. Would you be willing to let me know where you found it?

  2. Someone told us about a shop in Swaffham in West Norfolk where you can buy it (and many other things). As we were visiting that area we popped in and they had 3 boxes (we bought 2). I think it was called Pedlars Homecare and cost us £2 for a 500g box.

    You can also buy it online from a company called Summer Naturals, along with others things but you really need to buy other things as their postage charge (courier) is £6.99!

  3. Thanks for that data, we live down in essex so too far to travel to swaffham but will check out the summer naturals website:)


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