Friday, 4 May 2012

Frost and rain, whatever next?

Welcome to my new follower Susan Kim - nice to see you!

Well on the weather front, I am admitting temporary defeat. My poor plants have been outside in my temporary greenhouse for only a few days but they are not very happy. The temperature inside is only 1 or so degrees higher (overnight) than it is outside. With frost forecast over the weekend I've decided to bring them back inside. I'll check what night time temperature are forecast for next week then decide whether to let them go out again 24 hrs a day or just for the day.

Three of the strawberries have fruit on them so they have been given a fleecy overcoat. The other plants inside my raised beds have also had fleece put on top of the nets but still have got their perspex covers slightly raised to let out residual day time heat.

I've just put our weekly top up of food onto our £140 challenge page.


  1. Just can't believe how cold it still is. Seeds in the (unheated) greenhouse are very reluctant to poke their heads out. So today I've been digging up and potting self-sets - sweet rocket, hellebores, foxgloves, aquilegias etc. -as I've promised a friend some plants to sell at her open garden event.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Carol xx

  2. The weather is absolutely mad isn't! It's not helping us gardeners one little bit.. hopefully it will warm up soon and actually feel like spring!

    Julie xx

  3. It was -1 here last night. My broccoli is struggling and I think today I'll go out and put a cover over them to give them a chance. My peas are flourishing even though someone had told they wouldn't grow. Strangely enough, I'm still picking strawberries! Sue


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