Monday, 28 May 2012

Gardening, resting and doing the old family tree

Feeling hot and sultry already. Been busy in the garden planting up my two front window boxes plus two hanging baskets. Just letting them rest before putting them out. Hope to get my tomatillo's planted as well and maybe move on the peppers.

Hubby has been busy weeding the paths around the back garden. We are both sitting inside having a cup of tea and a small cake as a reward!

We've re-started tracing our family trees again after quite a break. It is amazing how much you forget where you had got to previously. Also, having just upgraded our Family Tree programme, we have got one free month on Ancestry – not that we can access everything we need though but it does give us access to other people's family trees – predominantly bad I have to say.

People seem to put all kinds of rubbish in their trees without verifying things. On the bright side, we did get good details from an unknown cousin (which we double checked) and her information was correct and filled in some blanks. Also have obtained one or two photographs of people, especially my g.g. grandmother, so that was nice.

We hadn't put ours on there but gave a partial copy to the husband of a cousin. They uploaded it and so... much of it is incorrect – don't know how they managed it as it was perfect when we gave it to them. They have the details for one g. grandmother attached to the details of a 'married in g. grandfather'!! That will send people off in the wrong direction completely. Ah well, generally it seems, some people think they can spend an afternoon on the computer and find all their relatives in an afternoon. Wrong!

We have being doing it since we first married many years ago and still have gaps which we can't yet verify. Thoroughly enjoy the hunt though. Received a certificate this morning for what we though was the death of a g.g.g. grandfather – nope – a 5 week old infant – ahh.

Anyway, enough of that, took another couple of photographs through the front window this morning:

Oriental poppies looking good and the peonies should be out very soon.


  1. Nice poppies. I planted sunflower seeds yesterday, hope they grow.

  2. One of J's cousins had put the family tree on Ancestry, but it was his Mum's side which he wasn't particularly interested in. We did find mistakes in that though - and they were for our generation and the one before - it didn't bode well for the rest of it! Your garden's looking good - I love the splash of colour from the poppies.

  3. Thank you both. Re Ancestry, just shows how much you need to NOT takes things at face value!

  4. What a nice view through your front window. Your garden looks very pretty, and those poppies look amazing :)

    Just want to let you know that I have knit tagged you. That means you can answer 5 knit related questions (or just leave it if you don't want to). Have a look at my blog if you would like to.

    Have a great week :)

  5. Sadly you can find lots of mistakes on ancestry.I dont rely on anything anyone else has put on there unless they have certificates that prove what is true.
    I wish certificates werent so expensive to send for, I sent for a birth certificate for what I thought was my great grandmother only to find it was for a lady born about the same time with the same name in a similar area.
    P.S. the garden is looking good

  6. Anne - same here, the one we sent for as I said was the incorrect one. It is not the first time so yes, cheaper ones would be great.

    Hilde - thank you.

  7. All the best with your family tree - its amazing too how people can twist facts to suit, I found someone unrelated had added my Great Great Grandparents wrongly to their family! I know for me I love to collect the old family photos, they can add so much character to your family story :0)

    Cheaper English certificates would be great, or if they were on line like the Scottish site would be very helpful. I think they've just done a version of this with the certificates here in NZ, so must try it out ~ Elizabeth :0)

    Your garden looks lovely too - you're inspiring me to brave the cold and sort ours out!


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