Friday, 18 May 2012


If you pop over to my page In My Garden, you will notice I have added some more photographs of plants as they flower. No doubt, these squares will soon be getting filled in thick and fast!

Before the first shower of the day came, I nipped out into the back garden to take some more photographs to show you the Spring progress. First of all, the back 'dustbin' pond area - still more to come but the frogs should feel nice and safe now in their forest.

The fruit cage is beginning to fill out nicely.

As are the 'nursery' flower and vegetable seedlings and broad beans in one of the raised beds.

The raised herb garden is growing well and the chives will soon be flowering - the thyme front left is just starting.

These alpines outside the bedroom patio door are in full swing.

We have invested in a new mini wooden and polycarbonate greenhouse as the cover on the old one had perished and we can't get a replacement as the shape has changed. In here are my tomatoes, beans, peppers, tomatillo's and a few other things.

Finally, outside the kitchen window is an alpine bed sitting on top of one of our half size log stores. It is really coming into its own now. It was newly planted last year so this year will be very exciting to see what each flower is like! Unfortunately, our neighbour feeds the birds every morning from outside his kitchen window - guess where they sit above to wait? (You should see what our dustbins are like).



  1. Gosh - that is all VERY impressive - I need to find some time to get outside before my rainforest starts growing in the house too xx

  2. Your plants are looking lovely.

  3. Mrs Thrifty and frugal freesia - I think it is the rain that has made it all look so lush although no doubt, later in the year, all the plants will be very hungry.

  4. Your plants are doing very well! Because we have been away for a week I took all my plants out of the greenhouse to let them fend for themselves. There were nowhere near as many as yours and I'm pleased to say they are doing ok.I need to start sowing more in earnest in the next couple of weeks though.

  5. Your plants seem to be growing wonderfully. I love the herb bed :)


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