Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rhubarb Ice Cream

Firstly, welcome to my new follower Harriet, all the way from New Zealand.

Fran over at Bonnie of Clyde, has asked for the recipe for Rhubarb Crumble Ice Cream so here is the link to it: Rhubarb Crumble Ice Cream

I would recommend doing it as per her recipe to begin with then adapt it to your own needs.

For example, I have never quite got the crumble mix to work correctly so am beginning to use biscuits equal to the crumble mixture weight instead. Something solid, similar to hob nobs works well. I break them up and put them in the oven once it is switched off from doing the rhubarb. This just adds an extra crisp to them.

If you don't want to use the oven for the rhubarb, microwave the pieces until soft (they will just about turn to mush), add the sugar and lemon then stir until dissolved. Drain through a sieve retaining the juice, then stir in enough juice to make it slightly runny. It will be a lot paler than her picture if you do it this way.

Other than that, I follow her recipe!

Yesterday I also made some yoghurt but something is different this time and I don't know what. Suffice to say, I opened it up this morning and instead of being set it was more like a pouring yoghurt (mind you, still far cheaper than a bought one of those!). Tried straining it through the sieve as per normal but it just went straight through. So it is now draining through a piece of kitchen roll inside the sieve. That appears to be doing the job as clear whey is now drip, drip, dripping through.

Waste not, want not I say. It would have been easy in my pre-frugal days to simply bin it. Hopefully the kitchen roll will do a good job as it tastes like yoghurt. I used a new pot of live natural yoghurt so it can't be that.

Anyhow, after a sombre weather week, the sun has been shining this morning to cheer us up. To increase our level of cheerfulness, here is a picture of our lovely grand dog S, taken by either DS. or FDiL. Didn't take long to take the picture, just a matter, of up, sit, stay!
Hope to see them all soon.


  1. Thank you. That's one I am definitely going to have a go at, especially with all the rhubarb I am now getting from the allotment xxx

  2. The rhubarbs are still small here, they will be ready to harvest in the end of May I think. Would love to try making rhubarb ice cream then :)
    What a sweet photo of your dog!

    Thanks for your nice comment. I'll be happy to share the pattern for the knitted and felted slippers, but as it is written in Norwegian I'll just have to translate it first. I'll get around to it soon. The pattern is for several sizes, and the slippers are very quick and easy to make.


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