Thursday, 24 May 2012

Today in the front garden

We decided today (and it may only be a one off) to do our shopping ourselves, visiting different places etc., rather than having most of it delivered from Tesco.

We left home around 8.40am and returned 10.25 after visiting 3 shops in order – Farmfoods, Aldi and Tesco. Check out my food challenge page for more details.

Today dawned slightly misty but it has now burnt off and the temperature is climbing. Will have to put the blind out to protect the bedroom etc from a build up of heat (south facing!).

I have just taken a photograph from my front window of the front garden. It is really changing on a daily let alone weekly basis.

The first one was taken on the 6th May and the second today 24th May. The third one is just the middle close up. On my stand alone page at the top 'In my Garden', you can see close up shots of the flowers as they bloom.



  1. It's filled up so much in just a couple of weeks. It's amazing how quickly things grow once they get going- I've been looking back at some of my Thursday ' views from my window' and am astonished at how things have changed from week to week.

  2. my favourite time of year, everything coming alive :)


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