Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Warmth at last

Welcome to my new follower Daisy – glad to get to know you.

Well, today the weather has been lovely. It was sunny but cool first thing, still with a stiff cool breeze. However, by lunchtime it was warm and although still windy, it too was warming up.

OH has changed the hinges on my new mini greenhouse doors so I can remove them to let the plants harden off. Hopefully, I can get them in the ground the end of May as they are all growing well. Still don't like this new compost from B & Q, it just dries out too much and goes hard – goodness knows how the plants will cope when the full heat of summer arrives. Next year, I'll stick with what I normally buy.

All my wild flower and garden flower seedlings are growing well and I'm now planting out the hardier ones. I hope to shortly do the 2 hanging baskets and troughs that sit outside my lounge but they will have the option of being brought into the garage if a frost occurs.

T. popped around to check on details for a mini, very slow walk at the sea side tomorrow. She is still waiting to see if she has a broken (but now mended) vertebrae in her back or whether it is something else going on. Either way, she definitely has a kink in the base of her spine that wasn't there before she hurt her back. She is still off work but so fed up she's decided to dose herself up with pain killers and come with us. She wouldn't manage one of our normal walks but as B. is on holiday, the rest of us thought we'd go somewhere flat – like a promenade.

We all had freshly made baps filled with Coronation Chicken and salad for lunch. Mid afternoon, we decided to have a cup of tea in the garden and I got a burnt neck. Must make sure to protect it tomorrow.

Well, that's all for now folks!


  1. Glad the weather has improved for you.Enjoy your walk tomorrow.

  2. It is so lovely to feel the warmth of the sun.
    Your walk sounded perfect, a gentle stroll.
    I'm hoping to get some planting done tomorrow. A lot of plants are still small but Hoping the warm weather will mean they soon romp away.
    Carol xx

  3. I have the same problem with b & q compost. Won't buy it again. Hope to have more of my homemade compost next year.

  4. We have had a warm and sunny weather here too over the last few days, and I have got synburnt on my arms. It is so nice to have a taste of summer :)

    Hope your plants will be all right. I have planted the tomato plants and chilli pepper plants into the greenhouse, and the plants look fine so far.

    Have a wonderful day :)


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