Monday, 7 May 2012

Washing, baking, babies!

Welcome to my new follower Rose/Rosemary. Glad you could join me and are enjoying my war ration memories!

Well, the washing on the line yesterday was 'drying' for barely 1/2 an hour before the skies opened and rain and hail descended - not forecast I might add! No point rushing out so waited until it had finished and it had to go overnight in the tumble dryer, on the cheap rate – dryer though, rarely used.

Today I have dried off my fleece protection and put it away until the next frost forecast. Had a go at making some crackers, didn't quite turn out right so will have another go. If and when I get them right, I'll post them.

My seedlings that have spent the last two days indoors have now gone back out into the temporary greenhouse.

Today, using the weight of 2 eggs as a guide, I measured out the same in margarine, S.R. Flour and lemon marmalade. All the above were mixed together with a little extra milk to get a dropping consistency.

6 metal mini pudding tins were greased and base lined and mixture divided between them. Each received a greaseproof hat held in place by an elastic band before being steamed until risen and cooked.

Here they are - their colour reminds me of golden syrup sponges:

Finally, I can't say I like wood pigeons in the garden, usually scare them away, but this cheeky, almost full grown one, made me smile. He/she is resting almost directly under the bird feeder!


  1. The kievs would have to be a favourite. I love anything with garlic in it. These look as if they won't last long. I did the same last week ...used up anything I found in the bottom of my crisper. I managed to make a meal for four with all the bits and pieces I found. Everyone enjoyed it. Sue

  2. Lovely comment Sue, not sure if you were meant to post it to me though as I'm confused about the kiev mention?

  3. What a sweet photo of the wood pigeon, he seems to be taking a good rest there :)
    The puddings look tasty! Oh I would like to bake something very soon, I haven't done any baking in a while, as the garden has taken up so much time lately.

    Thanks for your nice comment and for the advice :) I checked the seedlings in the greenhouse this morning, and luckily they were doing fine. Tonight I will cover them with a piece of fleece.

  4. The pigeon looks well and truly stuffed! What a cheeky little thing!
    P.S. the sponges look gorgeous.

    1. Don't know whether it was stuffed or fluffed up in the cold.

  5. Those puddings certainly look very yummy. We have two pigeons who seem to love our garden and are very content to sit on our pergola every morning waiting for Mr M to feed them. What a life eh?

  6. Those lemon puddings look delicious - how long do you steam them for? Radish coleslaw went down a treat over the weekend - thanks for the idea!

  7. Abigail, I think they steamed for an hour. I forgot to set the timer so just kept checking back until they felt springy. It is usually about an hour though. Glad you liked the radish idea. We eat a lot of coleslaw, going to post pictures of how I make it one of these days. We like ours quite dry as not too keen on too much mayo.


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