Sunday, 20 May 2012

Water, water everywhere...

Welcome to my new follower Bets – pleased you could join me!

Today has dawned grey and cool with quite a stiff cool breeze – not pleasant for doing any outside tasks at all. 

Yesterday, our new water butt arrived – what a monster. We had thought we could just tag it onto our current arrangement...

We spent the best part of yesterday afternoon, emptying water butt 1 to replace it with the new one. Butt 2 was then not at the correct height for the new one to overflow into so that needed jigging around.

The small dustbin (4) needed to be moved to accommodate butt 3 so it had to be emptied and its water put into the new monster number 1 butt, before we could move said dustbin. 

Then we had to build a brick platform for number 3 to sit on. Couldn't build it as high as needed otherwise butt 2 wouldn't overflow into it. Now I need to invest in a lower watering can to fit underneath it!

Eventually, after around 2 hours it was almost done and we gave up, had a cup of tea and a bath. I think number 3 is too close to butt 2 (the taps sit at right angles to each other and although I could squeeze in to fill it, trying to lift a full watering can at such an angle will probably pull my back. So...

Number 3 will have to be moved about 6” to the left (have no idea if all the overflow pipes will reach) then it can finally be connected to the dustbin which overflows into our little back pond!

Our water butt storage area is at the back of the garage. The floor consists of arrangements of bricks and concrete blocks, leftover from other jobs. It's a good job they were there as it kept our feet clear of all the sloshing water. I'll post a photograph when it is all done.

Are you still awake or have you lost the will to live!!!

I've just done a 5 week (mainly pro points recipes) menu to get us to pay day next week plus the following month:


  1. Aha - so do you think that we will have a drought next winter? Could you be ever so helpful and add the pro points values to your menus - cheeky I know but I might pinch some ideas AND lose weight... looks good xxx

  2. There has been enough rain recently to fill all your water butts. However, perhaps as you now have a new one ready to fill the rain is going to stop?!! Have a good weekend x

  3. Mrs Thrifty - pro point recipes available here:
    Fran - typical, now we have them all lined up, it looks like we won't have any rain for the next few days , how perverse is that!

  4. Think how much money you will save with all those butts. Plus that organised with menus is soooo impressive. Dead jealous!


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