Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Books, yoghurt, quiche and laundry liquid

After sitting in the garden on Sunday having lunch and generally enjoying the moderate warmth, Monday dawned wet and cold and today is not much better although it hasn't started raining yet.

Mind you, we are not, unlike some poor souls in the country, flooded out. For that we are truly grateful and our hearts go out to those affected. Or for that matter, those in New Zealand like Harriet McDoodle Muffin who are still experiencing after shocks from their mega earthquake.

Blooming weather, what on earth is going on? I've decided to bring my miniature tomatoes indoors into the conservatory. They are just coming into flower but seem very unhappy with the cold and wet weather. Hopefully they, along with our still 2” tall chilli plants, might buck up in the added warmth.

Another book off my list has sold and was posted yesterday morning. Then I made 1.4 litres of yoghurt which I have just checked after 24 hours and it has worked and is now setting in the fridge.

Then I concentrated on family tree work most of the morning and to take a break from it, made 4 litres of frugal laundry liquid. Phew!

We attempted an all in one method quiche last night for tea (not a pro point one, but hey, you need a treat in this weather). Below are photographs of us making it, after it was baked and then served up with grilled tomatoes. You can put what meat and vegetables you like into it but we happened to have what Rhonda used. Not really sure if it formed a crust as advertised but it was very nice. We ate half of it and saved the rest for another day. The link to it is here: Impossible Quiche

We made a few little alterations to her method though. We lightly greased our dish and after frying the vegetables put them on the bottom. We blended the flour with the milk and cream thoroughly before adding to the eggs and cheese etc. This was then poured over the vegetables. We cooked it for between 30 - 35 minutes until well risen and set. The middle on our oblong dish didn't rise up so high but it was cooked. Maybe a round dish would be better.


  1. Not warm here either but, as you say, we have a lot to be thankful for as no floods or extreme weather. Veg plants seem to be really struggling, hardly any flowers on my broad beans this year (no black fly either so that is a bonus - well it would be it there was more of a crop!)
    That quiche looks seriously delicious.
    Carol xx

    1. Thanks Carol. I have got flowers on my broad beans but overall, everything in the productive garden seems to look pale and a bit miserable. Hopefully, it will all cheer up if and when we get a few days of sunshine.

  2. I was thinking of bringing my tomatoes inside for a bit too, this weather is not agreeing with them much. The quiche looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Dan. My mini tomatoes seem a lot happier indoors. Now I am just waiting for the chilli plants to play catchup!

  3. That looks so tasty and 'hearty' I would leave out the meat though, perhaps substitute a tin of chickpeas, butter beans etc.,


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