Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Selling and baking

Just been to the Post Office to send off another book sold via Amazon.

I've made 2 loaves of wholemeal and walnut plus a few oats thrown in for good measure. Before letting them rise for a second time, I pinched off a good piece to make a pizza.

I rolled it out and pricked the base:

Made up about 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, a 1” squirt of garlic paste and some water. This formed the tomato base:

On top of the base I put a sliced soft tomato, an even softer piece of pepper, some fresh mozzarella and torn basil leaves. S & P and a drizzle of oil followed:

Then it went into the oven, for 25 minutes at 200 Celsius:

We had half each for lunch – something toasty and hot on a cool day.

Finally the bread was ready. I used my recipe as per my tutorial 'How to make bread" and substituted 1 lb of wholemeal flour instead of using all  2 1/2lbs in white flour.

We also did some top up food shopping.


  1. Oh yum! They look delicious. I went to a street party and for £1 won a bottle of vino and a handy man for the day.

  2. Your pizza looks delicious. I love homemade pizza - so much better than something frozen out of a box.

  3. Just found your blog. Love the war rations section - very interesting. I'm afraid nowadways we have plenty and massive variety of different and good quality food is available compared to thw wars years, but mostly poor quality (high in fat and sugar) is what (a lot?) of people eat (me included sometimes lol!).

    Your baking results (especially the pizza!) look yummy. I made a pizza scarily similar to your one yesterday - did a lot of baking too!

  4. Abigail - ah, a handy man for the day. OH is very handy but we need some roof work doing soon...

    Hazel - glad you found me, hope you find some useful things on here

    Scarlet - I too love home made pizza (a treat for us) doesn't taste quite the same, but usually nice.


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