Sunday, 10 June 2012


Welcome to my new followers, Trudie and Hazel - sorry Hazel, as you don't have a picture you went at the end of my list and I might have missed you!

Today has dawned bright and sunny although a few clouds are bubbling up. It might well be 9.40 in the morning but I have just finished an hours worth of dead heading. One large tub of soft stuff for our compost bin and 4 small tubs of hard things for the council garden bin. I am very hot now so am having a break.

I've also been photographing a few more of the flowers that have recently opened and added them to the In My Garden page at the top. 

I am hoping a little later on to take some side shoot cuttings of my tomatoes in order to have some fruit later on in the year. B. gave me a cucumber plant yesterday which I don't normally bother to grow but she has assured me that the fruits on this one are very small (gherkin sized) so shall plant it and see how it fares.

I was a little upset to see a couple of rose heads on the ground (although still slightly attached to their parent) so I brought them in with a few other damp squibs to see if they will survive and open indoors.


  1. We've got a lovely sunny day here too!

    I love your pot of flowers, so pretty and of course and all the better as they come from your own garden.
    Julie xx

  2. What a beautiful natural looking arrangement

  3. Thank you - I'v been reading your posts for some time now and find them really interesting take care xx

  4. How beautiful your flowers are! You must be delighted.


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