Thursday, 26 July 2012

A chiropractic thump or two!

Taking things easy today after our hot walk yesterday - around 5 3/4 miles as it turned out! No wonder we felt worn out.

I forgot to mention that my chiropractor confirmed I do indeed have whiplash after walking into the patio door at DS & FDiL's house.

I felt I was not too bad until she pointed out the 2 areas she needed to manipulate back into place – one on the side of my neck the other between my shoulder blades. Took a few gentle thumps to do it followed by some deep soft tissue manipulation. She may have to do it again when I see her in another 2 months or this treatment might have fixed it. I can certainly turn my head more comfortably now but still have a slight ache at the base of my neck as well as in-between my shoulder blades.

DB had his neck sorted out again and was told in no uncertain terms to stop using the laptop on his lap. Did I tell you the optician found some changes in the back of one of his eyes and wrote to his doctor to get a hospital appointment. Well, paperwork came through yesterday and he will see the ophthalmologist early August - just 3 weeks after being referred. Not too bad really. 

For anyone out there who thinks having your eyes checked is too expensive think again. I have 2 eye conditions that have been picked up and are now being monitored. DB has had this current problem, plus his high blood pressure and high cholesterol noticed.


  1. I absolutely agree with you on keeping up with opticians appointments. I've recently had, for the third time, a macular hole in my retina which, if I hadn't got it checked out would have led to all sorts of complications. I've just had surgery to repair it and hopefully will be back to normal in about ten weeks. Hope you get your neck and shoulders sorted soon.
    Patricia x

  2. Thanks and I hope your eye heals well.x

  3. Hello!
    I am so sorry to hear of your ailments. I do hope you feel better soon. If you were close by I would pop in with some bread (from your own recipe) and a cake to speed in your recovery.
    Abigail x

  4. Thanks Abigail, that would have been nice.x


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