Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Blue sky and hot hot weather...

The sky is blue, not a cloud to be seen anywhere. The external temperature is currently 27C (11:21 BST). The internal temperature in the north facing lounge is 23C and will get a lot hotter once the sun gets around to the west side of the house. Once there our conservatory (even with all of its windows open) usually hits 40C!

I have done 2 huge loads of washing which is nearly dry. Also been hacking away at one of the trained apple trees (was totally infested with wooly aphid). It has had its lower branches and top removed. 2 new shoots near the top have been attached to horizontal canes to train them in. The same will be done with any new side shoots that emerge. Most of the bugs disappeared with the pruning, the rest were squashed – what a 'bloody' mess literally!!

The new Spartan apple tree and Greengage originally had their branches tied in at 45 degrees. These, now they are more springy with their sap, have been brought down to 90 degrees and tied in again.

The cooking apple tree had a serious haircut last year and is not only sulking but infested with bugs. It will just have to sort itself out. No fruit on most apples/plum trees this year. We do however (fingers crossed) have 7 red pears and 9 conference pears still attached. 
New photographs have been added to the table on the In my garden page.

Yesterday we 'invested' in a 1.6kg joint of ham. It should have been roasted but we didn't want anymore heat in the kitchen so boiled it. Once sliced, we got 4 bags for freezing plus enough for tea/sandwiches for a couple of days. 


  1. So nice to hear you have warm summer weather! It must be a deligt after all the rain lately.
    Here it's still rany and cloudy, but according to the forecast we can expect some warmer weather over the next days :)

  2. Summer has hit Cornwall, too and how lovely it is! Very difficult to work looking out on that sunshine though.....!


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