Saturday, 28 July 2012

Enjoying things...

Well, we loved the opening ceremony of the Olympics – found it fascinating. However, both agreed that maybe Sir Paul needs to give it a rest!

Been busy baking this morning. First off was a loaf of Potato Bread, following the recipe to be found over at The Iowa Housewife blog.

Haven't tasted it yet but it looks fine. We did adjust down the amount of salt and sugar so will be interested to see how that makes it taste. Also I found more water was needed as I couldn't bring it together without a few extra tablespoons.

Anyway, it is the loaf on the right of the picture. The one on the left is our normal white bread with added golden linseed.

Also, whilst the oven was on, I made another impossible quiche which was left to go cold to be eaten over 3 meals. 


Although some breadcrumbs were added to the oven once it was switched off, they burnt to a crisp so had to be thrown away.

Hope to make some yoghurt tomorrow then that will do for now. The weather has been cooler today but still nice. Haven't actually done anything outdoors other than put out and bring in a load of washing.


  1. Great minds think alike! I have been baking today and tomorrow we are planning on making bread.I hope our bread turns out like yours!

    1. I'm sure it will. Hope to make either some muffins or a crumble tomorrow.

  2. We loved the opening ceremony of the Olympict too, it was fabulous :)

    The quiche and bread looks yummy. Potato bread sounds good, I have never made that before.

  3. I only saw the lighting of the cauldron it was pretty spectacular. Just been watching the beginning on 'catch up' but didn't grab me. I agree about Paul McC and some of our other old pop stars, they aren't enhancing their reputaion. Someone should tell them it is time to rest on their laurels and grab the slippers and cocoa.
    Your bread looks wonderful.
    Thank you for the advice on the Butlin's badges. I think I am going to have to dismantle the bag display.
    Carol xx

    1. It may be Carol that you have 'common' badges but you never know. Check them out on Ebay. That is where OH buys and sells his!


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