Sunday, 1 July 2012

Hunting down a smell ...

Hubby is currently grovelling under the bath as there is a dreadful smell in the bathroom.
We cleaned out the sink overflow and drain yesterday (not easy as we couldn't take it apart!) thinking it was that. The smell however was as strong as ever this morning.

The side of the bath had been removed to check for leaks - none. He has taken a quick break to fix his glasses as one lense has just dropped out again....

OH has very kindly just brought the bath overflow pipe to me to have a sniff - phew!!! Could be it but he'll also detach and check the main drain pipe. Never let it be said that I don't do my bit - it was my job to wash and bleach bits until all the smell had gone...

The main pipe had a little smell so it too was thoroughly cleaned. He then tackled the outside drain parts plus the main drain. Not very nice but done now. All smells better.

Well I think a nice cup of tea and one of those lovely biscuits made yesterday will be just rewards for us both :o)

Just as that smell went, the kitchen sink started again despite a thorough clean out a few weeks ago. Yep, you guessed it, the overflow pipe again. Now this is somewhat perplexing as being on a water meter we wash up in only a few inches of water so it never reaches the top part of the sink or that part of the overflow.

However, where it joins the plughole area, it seems to be seeping in there. OH is now in the process of dismantling it and giving it another good clean. A nice pot of tea as a reward has just been brewed!


  1. As they say: ''these little things are sent to try us''
    not the nicest of jobs to do, but someone eventually has to do them. Well done to hubby for putting up with those dirty jobs, lol.

    1. They certainly are sent to try us but he is very good at dealing with them asap. Once had a truly awful smell in the airing cupboard. Turned out to be a dead mouse rotting in a disused pipe to the outside. Now that really was a labour of love from both OH and son.

  2. To try and keep the problems at bay flush your sink and bath plug holes with washing soda and a kettle full of very hot water once a week - that should any trouble away :o)

    1. Thanks Rose. I do that every other week but as it is the overflow expandable crinkly pipes in both places, it is not so easy to pour anything down them. Stuff gets trapped in the myriad of little bends in the pipes and builds up.


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